Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elder Hodges in Basel Switzerland

David continues to diligently serve as a missionary in Switzerland. He absolutely loves the people, sharing the Gospel and the food! :-) He sent us some new pictures in his email on Monday! Needless to say I was pretty excited! He will be home in 7 1/2 months... I miss him but know he is doing what he needs to do and he is where Heavenly Father wants him to be!
This is Elder Lind, Severin and Elder Hodges on July 12, 2009. This is the day Severin was baptized! Doesn't he just glow? They all look so happy! The church is true! A day like this in the life of a missionary makes up for all the rejections and tracting long hours! Elder Hodges, Elder Lind, Carlos Pardo, and Severin. All were born in the USA and currently living in Basel. Carlos is Chilean but was born while both his parents were attending BYU. Severin was born in Washington DC.
David at the Matterhorn in Switzerland. He titled this picture, "Observing my newly acquired kingdom!" :-) It's great that he gets to visit some incredible places while serving. It is absolutely beautiful over there! He is making such lasting memories and friends while doing the Lord's work for 24 months!

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Julia DeBry Andersen said...

Hey awesome! I just found your blog off your FB page. This is great. Look how much he has grown up! And what a great picture. Love Julia